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Helping Young Christians

When handing out Bibles and working with newly saved Christians, we need to show them how to read the Bible so that they can grow spiritually.  Here's a short tract you can print out, that explains this very easily.

*How to read the Bible
*Hoe om die Bybel te lees

Here is a different and shorter tract to hand out.

*How to start reading your Bible / Download PDF

*Hoe om jou Bybel te begin lees / Download PDF

*How to start reading your Bible (XHOSA) PDF

Quiet Time Form

Use this as a guideline to teach young Christians how to go about their quiet time to get the most out of it. Use this at youth camps, youth days, church youth, or simply hand them out. 

Quiet Time Form (pdf)
Stiltetyd Vorm (pdf)

Basic Bible Studies
On Salvation

Use these short studies as
an 8 week course for young
christians. It will help them
understand what happened
to them (salvation), and how
to grow thereafter.


1. What happened to me?
2. A walk with God
3. Learn more about God
4. In conversation with God
5. Share with God
6. Witnessing for God
7. Filled with the Spirit of God
8. To be one in Christ

Memo for study 1 to 8

1. Wat het met my gebeur?
2. 'n Wandeling met God
3. Om van God te leer
4. In gesprek met God
5. Om met God te deel
6. Om vir God te getuig
7. Gevul met God se Gees
8. Om een te wees in Christus

Antwoordblad vir
Studie 1 tot 8


Psychology and the Church (DVD)

We consider the influence of psychological counseling upon the church.  Featuring perspectives and insights of both Christian and secular experts including Martin and Deidre Bobgan, Tana Dineen, and Dave Hunt, this powerful presentation exposes the roots—and results—of Christianity’s embrace of the beliefs of Freud, Jung, Rogers, Maslow, and others.


Beyond Seduction (DVD)

We must be certain that what we believe is firmly based upon the clear teaching of God's Word alone. The only real remedy for deception and apostasy is a return to a true biblical foundation for Christian living. Now, in Beyond Seduction, Dave Hunt thoroughly explores the biblical and historical view of Christian teachings within the church.

* Disc 1 (1:57) New Age Movement and Seduction and Deception
* Disc 2 (1:56) Visualization and Psychology and Inner Healing
* Disc 3 (1:55) Selfism and Matthew 16 and the Cross
* Disc 4 (1:49) Kingdom/Dominion Theology and Selected Questions and Answers

Purchase these DVD's from The Berean Call website.



The EvangeCube is made for everyone! Parents, Kids, Pastors, Youth Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, Missionaries, Lay Leaders and more can share this creative, easy-to-use puzzle to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life.


Call: 083 635 4854
+27 (12) 345 1158

Pretoria, South Africa

The Bible League

Get a Bible with a basic Bible study booklet at very low prices.  The Bible study booklet is a precious tool for personal and small-group Bible studies.

Hand out Bibles and spread the Good News!!

(011) 624 3329 (t)
(011) 624 1065 (f) (e)

Evangelical Mission Press

You can collect many different tracts in many languages from the Evangelical Mission Press.


8 Northumberland Street
Bellville, Western Cape

(021)  946  3240/1 (t)
(021)  949  1475 (f) (e)

Witnesses of Jehovah (DVD)

WITNESSES OF JEHOVAH goes behind the scenes to reveal how the Watchtower Society holds tyrannical control over the lives of its 3,400,000 members. The Watchtower is "big business." In the United States alone, over 1,200,000 Jehovah's Witnesses spend more than 184 million man-hours each year peddling a counterfeit gospel door-to-door.
WITNESSES OF JEHOVAH traces the history of the organization from  its first days, penetrating the schemes, the scams and the false prophecies used by this pseudo-Christian cult to extend its manipulative empire across the world.

Get the DVD from The Berean Call website

The Bible vs the Book of Mormon (DVD)

The book of Mormon claims to be "a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible." Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon declare themselves to be ancient, historical, and reliable rules of  faith--the very Word of God.
It's an important question. It's an eternal question. This presentation puts the Bible and the Book of Mormon to the same tests. History, archaeology, textual criticism, and other disciplines combine to shed light on what is true...and what is false.
This presentation leaves no question as to the truth and accuracy of the Word of God and the falseness and inaccuracies found in the book of Mormon.

Get the DVD from The Berean Call website

Tracts to download


Ready to print tracts (PDF):
Salvation (Afrikaans and English)
Salvation (Zulu and English)
Assurance of Salvation
Sekerheid van Gered wees
Are You Born Again?
God's Stop Signs
He Can
Mysteries of God's Creation
The Most Important Message
Volkome Heiligmaking

More Tracts at:



Evangelical Mission Press


There are two ways to witness. The first is the most direct and is similar to what a street evangelist would do. This is not normally the approach you take with coworkers, fellow students, next door neighbors, or family members. If you have the time, the most effective method of reaching someone for Christ is to:

Die Bybelboek Bybelstudiemetode

Daar is verskillende metodes wat vir Bybelstudie gebruik kan word.  Die metode wat aanbeveel word is ‘n metode wat al deur baie mense met groot vrug gebruik is.  Ons noem dit die Bybelboek – Bybelstudiemetode. Volgens hierdie metode word die hele Bybel, Bybelboek vir Bybelboek, sinvol en sistematies bestudeer.


Dr. Michael E. Todd

Many people today say, "Why should I win souls?" "Isn't the preacher
supposed to do that?" Yes! He is but so is every Christian. There are
six basic reasons why every Christian should win souls.



Sacred Picklocks

Whenever you cannot understand a text,open your Bible, bend your knee, and prayover that text; and if it does not split intoatoms and open itself, try again.If prayer does not explain it, it is one of the things God did not intend for you to know, and you may becontent to be ignorant of it.Prayer is the key that opens the cabinets of mystery!Prayer and faith are sacred picklocks that can open secrets, and obtain great treasures! There is no collegefor holy education like that of the blessed Spirit, for He is an ever-present tutor, to whom we haveonly to bend the knee, and He is at our side, the great expositor of truth.

How To Have A Tract Ministry

A tract is a short, simple presentation of the gospel message, printed in convenient pocket size, designed for easy distribution and use. There is probably no easier, more convenient way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ than through the use of gospel tracts. Many people have been led to Christ in this way. Consider these features of such a ministry:

Joe Segree


This soul can live eternally in
happiness and usefulness,
or it can get lost through
persistence in sin,
refusal of repentance,
and denial of faith.

-R. Wurmbrand

Tips for Tract Evangelism...


* Always have at least one available in your purse, pocket, or wallet.  You never know when you'll need one!

* Always offer a tract. Never force it upon someone. Simply ask, "Do you have one of these?"

* If there is time to walk someone through the tract, then do so. If you feel led, point out to them the salvation prayer and page number. It may be beneficial to explain to them that the exact words of the prayer are not critical. Instead, they should pour out their heart to the Lord.

* Don’t forget kids. They are typically the easiest age group to reach. Consider having age appropriate tracts on hand for them.

* If you come across someone who is a believer, offer one or two tracts to them as tools they can share with others.

* Provide and encourage the use of tracts to your small groups and Sunday School classes to hand out during the week. A tract can easily be used to ‘walk’ someone through the Gospel when able. Then leave it with the person.

* Neighborhood get-togethers offer great opportunities for outreach. Hand out tracts at these events, or hand them out together with cookies or other gifts, especially around holidays.

The Use Of Tracts
RA Torrey

Comparatively few
Christians realize the
importance of tract work. I
had been a Christian a good
many years, and a minister
of the Gospel several years,
before it ever entered my
head that tracts were of much
value in Christian work. I had
somehow grown up with the
notion that tracts were all
rubbish, and therefore I did
not take the trouble to read
them, and far less did I take
the trouble to circulate them,
but I found out that I was
entirely wrong. Tract work
has some great advantages
over other forms of Christian


Individual Work

Henry Clay Trumbull pioneered in personal soul-winning and set an example for all Christians to follow. As he observed other professing Christians, he concluded that this common failure of believers to speak to others about Christ was a great sin.

Qualifications for Soul Winning
Dwight L. Moody

1. Shake off the vipers that are in the Church, formalism, pride,
and self-importance, etc.
2. It is the only happy life to live for the salvation of souls.
3. We must be willing to do little things for Christ.
4. Must be of good courage.
5. Must be cheerful.

Circle Games PDF Print E-mail

Ah soh koh

Everyone sits in a circle, and learns the 3 commands and their movements.
1) Ah – the person says “Ah” loudly, and takes their left or right arm across their chest, pointing at the person next to them
2) Soh - the person says “Soh” loudly, and takes their left or right arm above their head, pointing at the person next to them
3) Koh – the person puts both arms together in front of them and point to someone else, anywhere in the circle.
The phrases must always go in that order, and each phrase needs its correct hand motion. You go when you are pointed at by someone next to you using “ah” or “soh,” or by someone across from you using “koh.” When you are “koh”ed at by someone you can either start again with “Ah” or put your hands up and say “nooooooo.” If you say “noooooooo” then the person who said “koh” has to start again with “Ah.” If you mess up, you step out of the circle and walk around the outside trying to confuse people by shouting random words.

Blind Cow

All players sit in a circle facing the centre. One person is blindfolded and is the "Blind Cow."
The "blind cow" should be spun around and then brought to the centre of the circle. The bell should then be passed around the circle and rung.
The "blind cow" will then follow the sound of the bell. The game leader points at the person who should stop the bell.
The "blind cow" now has to guess who is holding the bell (by pointing). If the person is right, the chosen person becomes the cow in the next round. If they are wrong, he has to go again (until he guesses right).


Players sit in a circle and one player goes into the middle. A topic is chosen and a soft toy starts at one person and is passed around the circle. The person in the middle must list as many things as they can from the topic, but they only have however long it takes the soft toy to make it around the circle once. When the soft toy gets back to the starting point, the person must stop talking. A designated counter should be in the group to count how many objects they are able to list. The person that is able to list the most objects is the winner. Topic example: Chocolate Bars (i.e.) top deck, crunchy, aero etc. etc. etc.

Do as I say...not as I do

Played in a circle. First person SAYS one thing he/she likes ("I like to jump up and down"), but DOES another (flaps his/her arms).
The second person DOES what was just SAID (jumps up and down), but SAYS something he/she likes ("I like to rock climb").
This pattern continues around the circle.
For an added bonus, make it a group goal to remember both the SAID action and the DONE action for every person.


Start with a ball or a rolled up sock or bandana. One person (the flinch master) stands in the middle of a circle created by everyone else (group size is n/a). The people making up the circle should stand about 8-10 feet away from the flinch master. The flinch master tosses the ball, or sock or whatever to each person in the circle in no particular order. This is an elimination game, in order to get the people out the flinch master tries to get them to flinch by pump-faking a throw. The people in the circle stand with their arms crossed over their chest and are eliminated if they flinch when the ball is not thrown to them or if they drop the ball. The ball must be thrown underhand and people playing will determine if a dropped pass is a good throw or not. The last person standing becomes the new flinch master.

Non-competitive version: Make two games happen simultaneously. When one person is “out” in one circle they move to another. After a designated time, the flinch master is replaced.

Hide the Carrot

One person in the middle of a circle, with everyone around them passing an object behind their backs - the person in the middle of the circle has to guess the object's location.
The twist is - the object is a carrot - and when the person's not looking, you take a bite of the carrot - if the carrot is finished before the person finds it...everyone wins?
Also - if the person finds the carrot's location, they switch places with that person.
You could replace the carrot with any crunchy - bad tasting vegetable. A head of lettuce would be hilarious. Maybe a whole cauliflower. The options are endless...

Question game

Everyone sits in a circle, and each person asks a question to the person to their left (or right…it really doesn’t matter.) The questions should have interesting answers…like a couple of words… not just “yes” or “no” (that makes this game really boring.) By the time you get around the circle, everyone should have asked and answered a question. You instruct everyone to remember the question that they asked and the answer they gave to the question they were asked. Those are now the only 2 phrases they are allowed to say. You then instruct everyone to get up and sit next to someone new in the circle. Then you will go around the circle and people will ask their original questions, and give their original answers, regardless of their question. It is really funny to listen to how it comes out in the end.

Song Tag

Everyone forms a circle. Someone jumps in the middle and sings a song.
Someone else around the surrounding circle can then jump in with a song that is related (i.e. Person #1 singing Old McDonald, and person #2 jumps in to sing the Moose Song {Animals}).
The first person then jumps out and the process continues. Anyone can jump in at any time.
The song does not have to be that related, just sung.

The crazy question game

This works better with older children. Get everyone to sit in a circle, and pass out paper. Ask them to write a question on the paper on one side, but not the answer. Collect the papers and randomly give them back, making sure that nobody has the same question as they wrote. Tell them to write the answer to the question on the back it can be as silly and crazy as they want. After that, collect the papers again and randomly pass them back out. The person that starts off the game will read the question that they got to the person beside them, and they will read the answer on their own paper. That person asks their question to the next person, and so on. You get crazy questions and answers like "Why are the leprachauns only in Ireland?" "Because the flamingo sat on my aunt."

Brocken Telephone

The group sits in a circle.  Whisper a message into the ear of the first person.  Have that person whisper the message to the one sitting next to him and so on until the message has made it around the circle.  Then have the last person say it out loud.  Compare how it changes.

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