“Thy gentleness hath made me great.” Psalm 18:35 Print E-mail

I find Jesus so wondrously gentle.  He seems always to want to say, “ Blessed.” When He does say “woe” it is with a sob.  I know that He denounced Jerusalem.  I also know that He first wept over it.  What it must cost Him to say to any soul, “go away!” His gentleness made Jesus so accessible.  Anyone might speak to Him, even women in their shame, and little children in their weakness.  He was to sick people what sunshine is to flowers.  He reduced the Kingdom of Heaven to a parable, that the lowest and the slowest might catch some gleam of it.  On one occasion He said to the disciples, “Rest a while.”  It was a tender word.  Tired men are only half themselves.  To rest wisely is to double the next service.  On another occasion He gave the people bread, “lest they faint by the way,” how mother-like to say “lest they faint.”  He ran before them, and took all the rough stones out of the way.  He did not wait until they fainted; He took care that fainting should be impossible.  Who can but love Him?  Dear Saviour, Thy gentleness hath made us men.

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He can pity with the utmost tenderness, for He came into the very centre of our misery. – J.N.D.

Helena Garrat