“Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth.” 1 Sam. 3:9 Print E-mail

Only a word, O Lord,
I crave from Thee!
One little word will give
Full victory
O’er every doubt and fear and anxious care:
One little word will answer all my prayer.

Only a word, O Lord,
Will cheer my heart
Like that of lovers who
Are long apart.
A word from Thee assures forgiveness sweet,
And blessedly confirms Thy friendship meet.

Only a word, O Lord,
Will start the song
That gives me faith that Thou
Wilt right all wrong.
A word from Thee in dark temptations’ maze,
Will light my lonely path with heaven’s rays.

Only a word, O Lord,
I crave of Thine!
Each morning, as I read
Thy Book divine,
Cause me to hear Thy well-beloved voice;
Plan Thou my day submissive to Thy choice.

Helena Garrat