“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly.” Col. 3:16 Print E-mail

No child of God ought ever to think of opening the Bible for even a moment’s reading without first invoking the presence and direct aid of the Holy Spirit.  Luther used to say if he had only ten minutes in which to read the Bible, he would spend six of them in prayer that his own soul might be brought into spiritual fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  – G.F. PENTECOST

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Unless we beware, the Word, which is meant to point us a way to God, may actually intervene and hide Him from us.  The mind may be occupied and interested and delighted at what it finds, and yet, because this is more head knowledge than anything else, it may bring little good to us.  If it does not lead us to wait on God, to glorify Him, to receive His grace and power for sweetening and sanctifying our lives, it becomes a hindrance instead of a help.  – DR. ANDREW MURRAY

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I think … you have studied too much, and read the Bible too little … It is the teaching of God, and not the labour of man, that makes us enter into the thoughts of God… I do not think that anyone will believe that I do not wish it will be much read, but I do wish it should be read with God.  – J.N.D.

Helena Garrat