“Unto you therefore which believe He is precious.” 1 Peter 2:7 Print E-mail

To love Jesus with that absorbed intensity that makes it the supreme passion of the heart, is the hidden secret of the Christian life.  It is good to assimilate the ideas of Jesus, and find your mind illuminated by them.  It is good to spend yourself in His service, and find your energies freely exercised in it.  But it is better to love Jesus. For then no word of His shall be dark, no call of His shall be strange, and the very desires of His heart shall be ours.

How many are the unsatisfied among us!  Lives that is marred through some sorrow, lives which have found that their thirst for love and gladness is still unsatisfied.  What will supply your need?  Nothing else but the satisfaction of loving Jesus.

I know the hardness, the worry and anxiety and sorrow, yet I say that with all, when this passion of love for Jesus shall possess you, a strange peace, a holy exultation, and a quenchless enthusiasm shall fill you, and life shall have a satisfaction of which the rich and noble do not dream.

Thank God, there are lives among us, lives despoiled of common good, denied the deep delight of human affections, marred and crossed and burdened, and yet a deep satisfaction is theirs, because their supreme passion is the love of Jesus. - PROF. CLOW

Helena Garrat