“I have hated the congregation of evil doers.” Psalm 26:5 Print E-mail

It is impossible for a man whose heart is truly in touch with God not to feel ill at ease when brought into contact with those who have no share in his deepest convictions and emotions. – DR. A. MACLAREN.

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The more a man feels out of sympathy with a godless world, the more longingly he presses into the depths of communion with God, and the more he feels at home in still communion, the more does the tumult of senseless crowds grate upon his ear. – Ibid.

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No man will ever mingle with “men of society” so as to draw them from the shadows of earth to the substance in God, unless his loving association with them rests on profound revulsion from their principles of action.  No one comes so near to sinful men as the sinless Christ, and if He had not been ever “separate from sinners,” He would never have been near enough to redeem them.  We may safely imitate His free companionship which earned Him His name of their friend, if we imitate His remoteness from their evil. – Ibid.


Helena Garrat