"Be clothed with humility" 1Pet 5:5 Print E-mail

To be made an overseer by men is to be made a master, but to be created an overseer by the Spirit is to be made a servant. – GEORGE MATHESON.

* * * * *

William Hake and R.C. Chapman, the Barnstaple patriarchs, lived together sixty years. Mr. Chapman said to a visitor: “Brother Hake and I have been contending for sixty years,” and then naïvely added, “but it has always been for the lowest place.”

If more of that spirit were abroad, we would not hear of the alienation of heart, divisions, and heart-burnings, as at present (Eph.4:32 ). Some say there is always plenty of room at the top. There is always plenty of room in the lowest place (Phil. 2:8; Eph.5:1).

* * * * *

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” The word “poor” here is a strong one! It means “beggars.” It means one who has no resources left. He is so poor that he must beg from somebody who can supply his need. Our Lord Jesus is so wonderful, that the cry of a real beggar is answered by the gift of a kingdom!

All that you can find in a heavenly kingdom becomes yours when you bring your beggarly condition to Him Whose Name is Jesus. – REV. G.C. GRUBB.

Helena Garrat