“My voice shalt Thou hear in the morning, O Lord” Psalm 5:3 Print E-mail


Let your first act be to come to Him, your Father, just as you are.  Get quieted, soothed, and comforted by thus “lying in His breast” and taking in a large draught of His presence. Take time for this.

Then, with His loving arms around you, and your soul at rest in Him, Tell Him how you love Him, what He is to you, and how you want to praise Him for all that He has been to you; and if any sin or failure is on your mind, confess it while thus close to Him.

Then, as you would roll off a great burden, resign yourself and all that concerns you into His keeping, ad above all, to be emptied of self and filled with Him.  Give the reins entirely into His hands – the reins of your whole being and of all your affairs – and take, so to speak, a long breath of relief.

Then, after a little season of quiet, restful waiting in His presence, to receive any communication or manifestation that He may have, rise, and with prayer, read carefully your chapter for the day, looking out for any message from Him that there may be in it for you, and hiding it in your heart.

Then, kneel once more, and talk to Him about those nearest and dearest to you, separately or collectively, and about any others who specially need your prayers.

And, lastly, close your hour of communion with Him, with a song of praise, or with words of thanksgiving repeated aloud, in entire reliance on your great High Priest to render them acceptable.


Helena Garrat