“Ye have taken away my gods which I have made … and what have I more?” Judges 18:24 Print E-mail


The open-air preacher had found an attentive crowd as he proclaimed God’s message in a London park one Sunday afternoon.  There were crowds listening to other speakers, and from one of these audiences a working man detached himself, and strolled over to the Gospel meeting.  After listening for a few minutes he began to interrupt and tried the patience of preacher and hearers.  At last he called out a challenge: “Look here, preacher, you can’t prove to me that you have got anything that I have not got, so there!”  The speaker paused a moment, and then in a clear voice he asked the man, “What do you possess that death cannot touch?” A silence fell on the crowd.  “What possessions are most dear to you?” he continued.  “Home, wife, children, perhaps?”  The man was becoming interested and replied, “I have all three, but death can touch them all.  They ate only mine while I or they live.”   “But,” he added, “Let me return the question: What have you that death cannot touch?” Pointing upward the preacher said, “I have a Father Whose love is from everlasting to everlasting.  I have a Home eternal in the Heavens.  I have eternal Life through faith in the finished work of Christ.  These possessions death van never touch!”  There were no more interruptions that afternoon, but a day or two later the workman sought out the preacher, who had the joy of pointing him to the Saviour and of seeing him become a true Christian, and later on a worker for Christ.  He was never tired of telling others of his heavenly possessions.


Helena Garrat