“Trust in the Lord with all thy heart” Prov. 3:5 Print E-mail

A resting faith is that which enables us to leave all that we have brought to Christ forever at His feet, at the cross and in the tomb.

Before Thy cross my all I cast,

And dare to leave it there.

It is not the bringing of all to the Saviour which is so hard, but it is the ability to leave it there in faith.  Thousands never learn this secret.  They bring their all today, and then we find them repeating the process tomorrow, which is a clear indication that they never left it there.  We know for certain that they do take it back, because, if they really left it there, they would not need to do it again; they would steadily refuse to repeat the process … patiently looking to God and awaiting His time for sealing the transaction.  – PAGET WILKES.

*   *   *   *   *

When a soul begins to believe God in any definite and desperate fashion, the enemy employs every device to baffle and deceive and cast him down from this place of certain victory.  Now the means which God has provided to ensure certain victory is the blood of the Lord Jesus.  – Ibid.

*   *   *   *   *

Faith does not feed on anything in self.  What we see in ourselves should neither give us hope nor cause discouragement.


Helena Garrat