“I have trusted also in the Lord without wavering” Psalm 26:1 Print E-mail

“Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out” (John 6:37)

“This Scripture,” says Bunyan, in Grace Abounding, “did now most sweetly visit my soul.  O, the comfort that I had from that word, ‘In no wise,’ as who should say, ‘by no means: for nothing whatever he hath done.’  But Satan would greatly labour to pull the promise from me, telling me, ‘That Christ did not mean me, but sinners of a lower rank, that had not done as I had done.’  But I should answer him again: ‘Satan, here is in these words no such exception: but him that comes, him, any him: him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.’  For I saw that to come aright was to come as I was, a vile and ungodly sinner, and to cast myself at the feet of mercy, condemning myself for sin.  If ever Satan and I did strive for any word of God in all my life it was for this good word of Christ: he at one end and I at the other.  O, what work did we make!  If was for this in John, I say, that we did so tug and strive:  he pulled and I pulled: but God be praised, I got the better of him, I got some sweetness from it.”

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Satan is a stiff fighter, he does not give in until he mist.  Prayer must be persistent.  The taking must be as insistent as the enemy is persistent- and just a bit more; and that’s where the fight comes.


Helena Garrat