“I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some” 1 Cor. 9:22 Print E-mail

We want an intense faith in the realities of the unseen world, a glorious heaven, an inevitable and eternal hell, and an ever-impending judgment.  The workers that have vague conceptions of these things will never have much power over the consciences of men, or strong incentives to labour for the lost.  When George Whitfield preached, men seemed to see sinners dropping right into hell, and sometimes cried out with terror as they saw them go over the gulf.

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If Jesus had stood upon His dignity, He would never have come to die between two thieves.  The whole work of redemption is a work of humiliation, self-sacrifice and suffering; and if we are not willing to follow Him in these, we may as well give up professing His name.  The Lord help us to go down, down amongst the fishermen, amongst the poor, the weak, the unlearned, the vulgar, to “condescend to men of low estate.”    – CATHERINE BOOTH.

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A great preacher used to say to Dr. Pierson, “I count every service a special service, and every sermon a special sermon, and every occasion the greatest occasion of my life.”


Helena Garrat