“Have faith in God” Mark 11:22 Print E-mail

Though for about seven years our funds have been so exhausted that it has been comparatively a rare case that there have been means in hand to meet the necessities of the orphans for three days together, yet I have only once been tried in spirit, and that was on September 18th, 1838, when for the first time the Lord seemed not to regard our prayers.  But when He did send help at that time and I saw that it was only for the trial of our faith and not because He had forsaken the work, that we were brought so low, my soul was so strengthened and encouraged that I have not only not been allowed to distrust the Lord  since then, but I have not even been cast down when in deepest poverty.  In November, 1839, when the needs were again great and the supplies very small, I was kept in peace.  I was not looking at the little in hand but at the fullness of God.  – GEORGE MŰLLER.

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The Almighty Hand can never be clearly seen while any human help is sought fot or is in sight.  We must turn absolutely away from all else if we are to turn fully unto the living God.


Helena Garrat