“They … searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so” Acts. 17:11 Print E-mail

There are mysteries of grace and love in every page of the Bible:  it is a thriving soul that finds the Book of God growing more and more precious.  Spread the Bible before the Lord; ask Him to reveal to you your ignorance and His wisdom.  Meditation on the Word of God is the chief means of our growth in grace:  without this even prayer itself will be little better than an empty form.  Meditation nourishes faith; and faith and prayer are the keys which unlock the hidden treasures of the Word.  The laying open the Heart of God is the great design of the Scriptures; happy the reader who falls in with that design!

We shall never become accomplished in grace until we credit the Word of God as a self-proving Voice of Him Who speaks it.

Satan has ten thousand devices for drawing us away from the Scriptures.  This done, we are in his net; and, though out gracious God put us not to shame by any outward and gross transgression, we shall become barren and unfruitful.

No believer can flourish in the ways of Christ, unless it be his custom to deal with God by the Word in the closet.

The children of God in the furnace, without a good store of Scripture in their hearts, are always inpatient, struggling in self-will for deliverance; and thereby they do but add fuel to the fire.  If we read the Word of God chiefly to get comfort, we shall have but little.  Let us put away this selfishness and use the Word of God as the “Sword of the Spirit”; so will the Scriptures unfold themselves more and more, and endear Christ to us. – ROBERT CHAPMAN.


Helena Garrat