“Are ye so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?” Gal. 3:3 Print E-mail

One who visited Wales during the great revival said: “I have seen remarkable things, wonderful things, God is working there, and the devil is working too, and the flesh is working, and I am more afraid of the flesh than of the devil in the matter.  I remember, years ago, a man standing up in a meeting of Christians and asking, ‘Why did the revival of ’59 stop?’  He had been through it, and said he had noticed three stages in that wonderful awakening. First of all, God worked.  Then the devil worked, but God worked all the more.  Then man began to work, and God withdrew Himself.  When the devil works it only gives God opportunity for working with greater power and glory, but when the religious flesh begins to try and drive the chariot of the Lord, it seems as if the Lord says, ‘Very well, drive it; I will stand aside and see where you will drive it to.’  We need to pray that the Holy Spirit may not be quenched of grieved by God’s own people.”

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Habitual unprofitable speaking I think ought to be stopped.  I never could understand why the Church of God is to be the only place where the flesh is to have its way unrestrained.  I desire the fullest liberty for the Spirit, but not the least for the flesh.


Helena Garrat