“The disciples … said … Send them away … He answered and said unto them, Give ye them to eat” Mark 6:35-37 Print E-mail

There will come a day when we shall stand in His presence.  What will it be to look in His face that was so moved with compassion for the heart-hungry multitude, to see that indeed meant what He said, that His hands were really pierced; and that down here on earth we had some pieces of metal or of white paper that men call money; that we tossed it lightly away or held it fast; or worse still, spent it upon ourselves, until the one chance in all eternity for giving His Gospel to a lost world was gone for ever and it was too late!

*   *   *   *   *

Of all the things that we are wasting, one button less upon the gloves, my sister, one carfare saved each day, one box of candy sacrificed a week, one year longer with that old carpet in the parlor, or that old suit fixed over another season, these little things would mean a doubling of the missionary resources of the Church and a leading of countless souls to the kingdom of God.  Will you bring to Him today some little things that you have overlooked? Perhaps He will multiply them as He did that loaves and fishes of the little Galilean boy.  –A.B.S.


Helena Garrat