“No chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward…” Heb. 12:11 Print E-mail

One of the leading affects of sorrow is to cast a veil over things and to bring us into the presence of eternal things in Heaven.  The result often is that we are astonished to find how strange we are to the things of God and Heaven… Things present for a time fade and things heavenly and eternal assume more substance for our minds.  - G. V. WIGRAM

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What matters one more tear, one more sorrow, one more loss, if thereby I am the quicker made ready for my heavenly home – if I am the more at the disposal of my Master.  – PASTOR STOCKMAYER

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We may trust our God that under all the waves of trial and difficulty and temptation, He will surely leave us sufficient of heavenly air and divine light to keep us from sinking. - Ibid

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What a rest to the soul to feel, I have God although I have nothing else.  Nature does not like this, but it is the deepest blessing. – J. B. STONEY


Helena Garrat