“I receive not honour from men.” John 5:41 Print E-mail

Dr. Maclaren perhaps never took part in a meeting in the Free Trade Hall when the large building was not filled to its utmost capacity, and for years before the close of his career almost invariably the immense audience rose to receive him and cheered enthusiastically.  Once driving home from one of these meetings his companion ventured to ask him if he can recall what his thoughts were as he stood waiting till the applause had ceased – a far-away pained expression had been noticed.  “Yes,” he said, “perfectly: I all but heard the words, ‘It is a small thing that I should be judged of you, or of man’s judgment. He that judgeth me is the Lord.’”

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When the applause of the world is got, what hast thou? – a vain empty puff of wind.  They think much of thee, thou thinkest much of thyself and in the meantime God thinks nothing of thee.

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We have no more right to take Christ’s honours here than we have to sit on Jesus’ throne and let the angels worship us. – A. B. S.

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God never can use any man very much till he has grace enough to put himself entirely out of His work, for He will not give His glory to another, not share with the most valued instrument, the praise that belongs to Jesus Christ alone. - REV. A. B. SIMPSON


Helena Garrat