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A Message to Defeated Christians

AS I LOOK over this great audience of God's people, and see the work of the Holy Spirit manifested in faces and in voices as we have been singing together, I would ask whether any of us has ever presumed on God's grace to enable us to go on in sin? Because "where sin abounds, grace does much more abound," have we consciously or unconsciously at times said to ourselves, "Yes, even if I do slip into this sin, God's grace will take care of it?"

"'Is' The Secret of Victory"

A fact is often a more useful thing, for immediate needs, than a promise. That is why God has given us, in His Word, so many clear statements concerning facts that we need to know, along with His precious promises.

"Is Victory Earned or a Gift"

Every saved child of God at one time or another longs for victory over sin. Yet many such children of God have sadly given up hope of having in this world a complete victory, mistakenly supposing that that blessing is only for the life after this. They do not know how simple, and how immediately available, is the victory for which they are not daring to hope. It is right at hand, in Christ, for all who let Him undeceive them as to the lie which Satan has told them, and who will receive the victorious life as the outright, supernatural gift of God.

Perils of the Victorious Life

In the truly Victorious Life, the Christian believer, having put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:11), moves forward under the protection of the shield of faith, wherewith he is able to quench all the fiery darts of the Evil One (v. 16). God’s Word is absolute on the completeness of the victory that is the experience of every child of God who trusts that victory wholly to Christ. It is not a once-for-all victory; it is a moment-by-moment victory, had each moment only in the present, but had completely in that present as the believer “looks away” from all, else “unto Jesus,” the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).

Real and Counterfeit Victory

Victory is a great word in the New Testament, and yet I am sure there are many Christians who have received Jesus as Saviour, who have been born again and have passed from death unto life, who nevertheless are deceived day-by-day by a counterfeit victory when God wants them to know what real victory is. I can speak with deep feeling as to this, because I lived to be nearly forty years old (after having lived for more than twenty-five years as a sincere Christian) never knowing what real victory was, and having all those years taken the counterfeit victory—active Christian worker though I was—as a substitute for the real.

The Life That Wins

There is only one life that wins and that is the life of Jesus Christ.  Every man may have that life; every man may live that life.
I do not mean that every man may be Christ-like; I mean something very much better than that.  I do not mean that a man may always have Christ's help.  I mean something better than that.  I do not mean that a man have power from Christ.  I mean something very much better than power.   And I do not mean that a man shall be merely saved from his sins and kept from sinning.  I mean something better than even that victory.

What is Your Kind of Christianity

At a Student Volunteer Convention which I had the privilege of attending, we who were congratulating ourselves as being on somewhat higher ground than the ordinary church member in that we were willing to expend of our time, energy, and money to attend a missionary convention and share in our Lord’s program for the evangelization of the world, were confronted over and over again, through one speaker after another, with a rather uncomfortable question, “Is your kind of Christianity worth sending to the non-Christian world?”

Victory Without Trying

A question recently came to our editorial office:

“What do you consider the most dangerous heresy of today?”

I wonder what answer you would have made. Perhaps you think there are so many heresies that it is hard to say which is the most dangerous. Would you have said Christian Science, the Higher Criticism, New Theology, Millennial Dawnism? Anyone of those things is dangerous enough. But none of these, I believe, is the most dangerous heresy of today. For the most dangerous is the emphasis that is being given, right in the professing Christian church itself, on what we do for God, instead of on what God does for us.