II. What backsliding in heart is. Print E-mail

Charles Finney

   1. It consists in taking back that consecration to God and His service,

   that constitutes true conversion. 
   2. It is the leaving, by a Christian, of his first love. 
   3. It consists in the Christian withdrawing himself from that state of
   entire and universal devotion to God, which constitutes true religion,
   and coming again under the control of a self-pleasing spirit. 
   4. The text implies that there may be a backslidden heart, when the
   forms of religion and obedience to God are maintained. As we know from
   consciousness that men perform the same, or similar, acts from widely
   different, and often from opposite, motives, we are certain that men
   may keep up all the outward forms and appearances of religion, when in
   fact, they are backslidden in heart. No doubt the most intense
   selfishness often takes on a religious type, and there are many
   considerations that might lead a backslider in heart to keep up the
   forms, while he had lost the power of godliness in his soul.

   III. What are evidences of backsliding in heart.

   IV. What are consequences of backsliding in heart.

   V. How to recover from this state.