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75 Bible References on Drinking Alcohol - Pastor Barney Lee

One has only to examine the Bible to find abundant references condemning the use of alcholic beverages.

Christ Our Life - Ruth Paxton

CHRIST Jesus was made like us that we might be made like Him. In the incarnation there was the union of Deity with humanity that in regenertion there might be the union of humanity with Deity. When the Holy Spirit begat in the believer a new nature He opened the door to a living, organic union between Christ and the Christian which will exist through the ages upon ages to come. Christ and the Christian are eternally one. The exalted Christ lives now to bestow upon us in all of its fullness His own triumphant, joyous, holy life.

"Christian" Rock Music - Rick Llewellyn

This tract carefully details the Biblical screens any music must pass before it can be labeled as "Christian" (Eph. 5:18,19; Col. 3:16); i.e., the music must be a channel for correct doctrine, and (a) its lyrics should be edifying, spiritually oriented, clear, conforming to Biblical truth, and point our focus to Jesus Christ, (b) its score (the arrangement of the musical notes) should not overshadow the message conveyed by the lyrics, but should compliment it, and (c) its character (the "attitudes" in the music and of the performers) should be consistent with the purity of the message it claims to convey (reverence, worshipful, etc.). (Each of the above screens must stand on its own; i.e., one "good" aspect of the music's nature cannot sanctify any of the others.) (Please refer to Eph. 5:18,19 and Col. 3:16 at the end of this report.)

Die Natuurlike eienskappe van God

Wat verband hou met God se wese soos Hy in Homself is en die morele eienskappe van God wat dui op God se verhouding met sy kepping.

Die teologie van Arminius

Staan direk Teenoor die Calvinisme!!!Calvinisme word dikwels teenoor Arminianisme gestel, na aanleiding van die leer van Jakob Arminius(1560-1609). Hierdie Nederlandse teoloog het as 'n Calvinis begin en selfs in 'n Calvinistieseseminarium in Genève gestudeer. Ná 'n deeglike studie van die Bybel het hy die leer van Calvynverwerp. Hy was 'n ernstige navolger van Christus, maar is op grond van sy verwerping vanCalvinisme van elke denkbare dwaling beskuldig. Dieselfde beskuldigings word vandag nog teenmense gemaak wat hulle van Calvyn distansieer.

Evaluating a Potential Marriage Partner - Dan Augsburger

Here are a few general things to consider:
Pay special attention to the first three questions. Depending on the answers to these three, you may not have to consider the ones that follow for a few years since you are NOT ready to consider the "who to marry" question.

God or Mammon - James W. Knox

As we seek to live a life of devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, we are continually faced with tough choices. We often find ourselves pulled in opposite directions. On the one hand we have our duty to God. On the other hand we have our duty to family, society and others.

Herlewing begin met Oordeel - Pieter Scholtz

“Die tyd is daar dat die oordeel MOET BEGIN by die huis van God” 1 Pet 4:17. Die geskiedenis van elke egtergeestelike herlewing bewys dat dit begin het toe die Heilige Gees die heerlike heiligheid van God aan sy kinders geopenbaar het, met die gevolg dat die heilige vrees van die Here hulle so aangegryp het dat hulle na hul knieë gedryf het in hartgrondige belydenis van geestelike louheid, biddeloosheid, gebrek aan evangelisasie-ywer en heiligheid van hart en lewenswandel!

Hoe sien God ons? - Ds. N A J van Rensburg

Skriflesing: 1 Petrus 4:12-19 Teksvers: vers 18 “En as die regverdige nouliks gered word, waar sal die goddeloseen die sondaar verskyn?”
Die Bybel hou daarvan om die waarheid by wyse van kontras te stel omdat dit so ‘nkragtige wyse is wat die waarheid diep in die hart laat vasslaan. Twee dinge word langsmekaar gestel: die waarheid en die leuen; heiligheid en sonde; die hemel en die hel. Dit iswat ons teksvers doen, die regverdige word teenoor die goddelose gestel.

How To Have A Tract Ministry - Joe Segree

A tract is a short, simple presentation of the gospel message, printed in convenient pocket size, designed for easy distribution and use. There is probably no easier, more convenient way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ than through the use of gospel tracts. Many people have been led to Christ in this way.

Judge Not - James Jacob Prasch

DO NOT SPEAK AGAINST ONE ANOTHER, brethren. He who speaks against a brother, or judgeshis brother, speaks against the law, and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer ofthe law, but a judge of it (James 4:11).
Do not speak against one another. Do not speak against your brethren. Do not judge your brother. Is thatwhat it says?Look at verse 4 of the same chapter.You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility to-ward God?
Thereforewhoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God (James 4:4).

Loose Lips Sink Ships - Victoria Thacker

I know this has been used as a catch phrase by the military in referring to ships.  However, I believe it could be applied to each one of us today.  Loose lips can sink more than naval ships.  They cab sink friendships, relationships, fellowship and your worship.

Love Slaves
- S.L. Brengle

There was a law among the Hebrews that for sore poverty or debt or crime one man might become the servant of another, but he could not be held in servitude beyond a certain period; at the end of six years, he must be allowed to go free. (Ex. 21:1-6; Deut. 15:12-17). But if he loved his master and preferred to remain with him as his slave, then the master, in the presence of judges was to place the man against a door or door post and bore a hole through his ear, and this was to be the mark that he was his master's servant slave forever. It was not the slavery of compulsion and law but the willing and glad slavery of love.

Making Grace Amazing - Ray Comfort

At the end of an article about a comprehensive study, which found that over 260,000 converts of a major denomination's one year's harvesting couldn't be accounted for, the author concluded his commentary by saying, "Something is wrong."

Music That Honors God - Ernest Pickering

1. Its message is Scriptural (Col 3:16). Good Christian music must present a message that is true to the Word of God and doctrinally sound.

Once Christian Marriage Means Nothing (Part 1 of 2) - James Jacob Prasch

'I say unto you whoever divorces his wife except for unchastity makes her commit adultery andwhoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery' - Jesus Christ (Matthew 5: 32).From around the world in recent months, Moriel has experienced something of a minor flood of emails,post, and calls about the divorce, and often remarriage of various high profile preachers. This has notsimply included the divorces and remarriages themselves, but also other prominent preachers goingalong with it almost pretending that nothing has happened - as if the biblical permanency and sanctity ofholy wedlock no longer mattered in the Body of Christ any more than it does in secular post Judeo-Christian society.

Once Christian Marriage Means Nothing (Part 2 of 2) - James Jacob Prasch

In some cases one would be hardly surprised at marital infidelity in the church. That King James Onlyfanatic Peter Ruckman is on his third marriage is no surprise and when it was revealed that former Elimpresident Ian Bilby was having affairs in Elim all the while he was cheer leading The Laughing Revivalas a move of God , no one should have been surprised.

Principles For Raising Children - Susanna Wesley

She was the daughter of Dr. Samuel Annesley, a dissenting pastor of the established church of England, and the mother of John and Charles Wesley.

Principles of Persecution - James Jacob Prasch

Fruits of persecutionLet's look briefly at some of the fruits of persecution.And Saul was in hearty agreement of putting him to death.And on that day a great persecution arose against the church in Jerusalem; and they were all scatteredthroughout the regions of Judea and Samaria, except the apostles.And some devout men buried Stephen, and made loud lamentation over him.

Should Every Christian Win Souls? - Michael E. Todd

Many people today say, "Why should I win souls?" "Isn't the preacher supposed to do that?" Yes! He is but so is every Christian. There are six basic reasons why every Christian should win souls.

Suffering: Its Secret - Norman Grubb

What is suffering? Suffering is what I don't like. That's all. It may be spirit suffering, soul-emotional suffering or body suffering. I don't like it because it presses me to find the remedy. That's the secret! It presses me to find the remedy.
Do we square with what the Bible says on suffering? Unless I get it from my Bible, I'm not safe in the end. The Bible's got to be interpreted by the Spirit; but I've got to have it in my Bible first, to have it in my spirit. The Bible says suffering is a necessary quality, and that you can't have glory without it. So we'd better understand suffering if we'd have glory. The Scriptures are full of it.

The Dangers of Moderate Drinking - John B Gough

One favorite argument of young men in referance to the use of intoxicating drink is "When I find out that it is doing me an injury, then I will give it up."  That is making an admission and coming to a conclusion.

The Grand Canyon of Scripture - Ruth Paxton

One time when in need of special spiritual inspiration and refreshment I went to the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Of all God's wonders in His natural creation, which He has given me to see, none seems more wonderful than the Grand Canyon. Two never-to-be-forgotten days were spent there.

Ten Steps to Conviction - Ray Comfort

The way to produce conviction in the heart of the sinner is to take him through the Ten Commandments. (See Exodus 20:1-17). As we do so, see if you could stay alive after each barrel blasts you; watch how the Law annihilates self-righteousness.

Throne Life - Norman Grubb

"And the Lord said to Moses, 'Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea, and divide it; and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea'" (Exodus 14:15,16).
In effect, God was saying: "Why do you ask Me to do it? Do it yourself. Stretch out your rod and divide the sea." In other words, Moses had said to God, "You do it;" but God answered Moses, "No, you do it."

Understanding "The Mixture" from 1 Thessalonians - James Jacob Prasch

In an age where pop psychology is masquerading as biblical doctrine things can become very confusing.Today we hear so much about things being a mixture of truth and error, or carnal and spiritual, good andbad, or even godly and demonic. To make matters worse, we are too often being given mixed signals.Instead of giving a clear indication of what the signals actually mean so many of our pastors and oncerespected leaders are now telling us things like "the light is neither red nor green but amber" - leaving ussuspended in a limbo not knowing whether to go or to stop. Arriving at a right doctrinal position anddiscerning things in a biblical manner in times like this has become more and more difficult for manysincere believers genuinely wanting to know the truth so as to do what is right. But in an increasinglycomplexed maze like this, the first and foremost question is to ask "What does God say about mixture inhis word?"

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