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After Obedience - What?oswald-chambers

And straightway He constrained His disciples to get into the ship, and to go to the other side… " ”Mark 6:45-52

Am I Carnally Minded?

“Whereas there is among you jealousy and strife, are ye not carnal?” 1 Corinthians 3:3
No natural man knows anything about carnality.

Christian Perfection

“Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect… .”Philippians 3:1
It is a snare to imagine that God wants to make us perfect specimens of what He can do.


“And I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
Whenever anything begins to disintegrate your life with Jesus Christ, turn to Him at once and ask Him to establish rest.

Destiny of Holiness

“Ye shall be holy; for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16
Continually restate to yourself what the purpose of your life is.

Discernment of Faith

“Faith as a grain of mustard seed…” Matthew 17:20
We have the idea that God rewards us for our faith, it may he so in the initial stages; but we do not earn anything by faith, faith brings us into right relationship with God and gives God His opportunity.

Do You see Your Calling?

Our calling is not primarily to be holy men and women, but to be proclaimers of the Gospel of God. The one thing that is all important is that the Gospel of God should be realized as the abiding Reality. Reality is not human goodness, nor holiness, nor heaven, nor hell; but Redemption; and the need to perceive this is the most vital need of the Christian worker to-day. As workers we have to get used to the revelation that Redemption is
the only Reality. Personal holiness is an effect, not a cause, and if we place our faith in human goodness, in the effect of Redemption, we shall go under when the test comes.

Holiness V. Hardness Towards God

The reason many of us leave off praying and become hard towards God is because we have only a sentimental interest in prayer. It sounds right to say that we pray; we read books on prayer which tell us that prayer is beneficial, that our minds are quieted and our souls uplifted when we pray; but Isaiah implies that God is amazed at such thoughts of prayer.

Is God's Will my Will?

It is not a question of whether God is willing to sanctify me; is it my will? Am I willing to let God do in me all that has been made possible by the Atonement?

Moral Decision About Sin

Co-Crucifixion. Have I made this decision about sin - that it must be killed right out in me? It takes a long time to come to a moral decision about sin, but it is the great moment in my life when I do decide that just as Jesus Christ died for the sin of the world, so sin must die out in me, not be curbed or suppressed or counteracted, but crucified.


Personality is that peculiar, incalculable thing that is meant when we speak of ourselves as distinct from everyone else.

Prayer Choice and Prayer Conflict

Jesus did not say - Dream about thy Father in secret, but pray to thy Father in secret. Prayer is an effort of will. After we have entered our secret place and have shut the door, the most difficult thing to do is to pray; we cannot get our minds into working order, and the first thing that conflicts is wandering thoughts.


Conviction of sin is one of the rarest things that ever strikes a man. It is the threshold of an understanding of God.


We cannot earn things from God, we can only take what is given us. Salvation, sanctification, eternal life, are all gifts wrought out in us through the Atonement. The question is, am I working out what God works in?

Signs of The New Birth

The answer to the question "How can a man he born when he is old?" is - When he is old enough to die - to die right out to his "rag rights," to his virtues, to his religion, to everything, and to receive into himself the life which never was there before. The new life manifests itself in conscious repentance and unconscious holiness.

The Complete Christian

Conformed to the Master’s Standard (Luke 6:40)
Consecrated to the Master’s Sovereignty (2 Timothy 2:21)
Complete for the Master’s Service (2 Timothy 3:14, 17)

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