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How To Keep Holiness - SL Brengle

"Do you ask, 'How can I keep the blessing?'
1. Do not let your poor heart be burdened with the thought that you have to do it all yourself. He loves you more than a mother loves her little child, and He is going to help you to keep the blessing. Remember that the blessing is simply the result of His indwelling in our heart, and you are not to think so much about keeping the blessing as about keeping Him. (note John 15:2; Jude 24; Is 41:10; Rom 8:35, 37-39)

Inbred sin - George Asbury McLaughlin

It is not sin as an act. Sin is committed as an act in three ways. We speak, or do, or think. Or, in other words, sin as an act is in the word, the deed, or the thought. A person cannot commit actual sin, except in one of these three directions. The same may be said of sins of omission. Hence all sin, as an act, is either of omission or commission, in thought, word, or deed. But sin in thought, word, and deed, is not inbred sin. Actual sin is the result of inbred sin.

Press on to Sanctification - John Fletcher

Entire sanctification is an instantaneous salvation – that act of the Holy Ghost, according toour faith, by which sin is entirely expelled from the soul, when the blood of Jesus Christ cleansethfrom all sin, and includes an instantaneous power then given, always to cleave to God. Thus, anexcellent man remarked: It is gradual in preparation, but instantaneous in reception; and the moreearnestly we long for this unspeakable blessing, the more swiftly the preparation increases. Thegradual preparation is often short, when the soul wills it, earnestly desires it, quickly abandons allfor it, and prays as it should.

Reiniging van ‘n melaatse - HT de Villiers

moet die priester bevel gee dat hulle vir hom wat gereinig moet word, twee lewendige rein voëls en sederhout en skarlakendraad en hisop moet bring. Die priester moet ook bevel gee dat hulle die een voël in ‘n erdepot oor vars water slag. Die lewendige voël moet hy neem, sowel as die sederhout en die skarlakendraad en die hisop, en dié en die lewendige voël insteek in die bloed van die voël wat oor die vars water geslag is. En hy moet op hom wat van die melaatsheid gereinig moet word, sewe maal sprinkel en hom reinig, en die lewendige voël moet hy oor die oop veld laat wegvlieg.”

The Holy Spirit - W.A. MacFarlane


This is the most important contingency in all New Testament Church History. George Bowen said, “The day of Pentecost was a pattern day; all the days of the dispensation should have been like it, or should have exceeded it… We need a Baptism of the Spirit as much as did the Apostles…”

The Spirit Filled Life - Oswald J Smith

"Be filled with the Spirit."  Ephesians 5:18
This is the most important commandment in the Bible.  I know that the command to be baptized is important, but this is more important. The commandments of Moses are important, but they are not as important as this commandment. The commandment of Jesus, "Go ye into all the world and preach theGospel," is one of the most important in the New Testament, but the command to be filled with theSpirit is still more important. Because, you see, when you obey this commandment you automatically obey all the others. The fullness of the Spirit settles every problem in your life.

What Holiness means to me - George B. Ferguson

To say with deep sincerity and out of a pure heart, that, “I praise the Lord for wholly sanctifyingmy heart”, covers a multitude of expressions concerning holiness. The depth of meaning in theword “holiness” goes to the core of the individual personality; cleansing every root of our being,that we might be fashioned in the image of God.
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