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Hints On Child Training H.Clay.Trumbull

"Will-Training, Rather Than Will-Breaking"
The measure of will-power is the measure of personal power, with a child as with an adult. The possession or the lack of will-power is the possession or the lack of personal power, in every individual’s sphere of life and being. The right or the wrong use of will-power is the right or the wrong exercise of an individual’s truest personality. Hence the careful guarding and the wise guiding of a child’s will should be counted among the foremost duties of one who is responsible for a child’s training.

Individual Work

Blazing a trail through the uncharted wilderness of personal soul-winning, Henry Clay Trumbull (1830-1903) was indeed one of God's pioneers. None has ever set forth the basic principles for fruitful personal evangelism more clearly, wisely and acceptably than he. His book, Individual Work for Individuals, appeared in 1901, the same year that Dr. R. A. Torrey's How to Work for Christ was copyrighted, both being among the first books ever devoted to an exposition of the principles of personal evangelism. But Trumbull writing near the end of his long life had been studying and practicing personal soul-winning long before Torrey, who wrote in mid-life.

Training Children to Joyfully Observe the Sabbath

Every day in the week is the Lord's day, for children; but one day in the week is peculiarly the Lord's day, for children as well as for older persons. How to train a child to wise and faithful Sabbath observance, on the Lord's day, is a question that puzzles many a Christian parent; and, as a rule, the more true and loving and Christ-like the parent, the greater the practical puzzle at this point. The difficulty in the case is not so much, how to secure the observance of the Sabbath by a child, as it is to decide what should be the proper observance of the Sabbath by a child.

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