“It is the voice of my Beloved” Song of Solomon 5:2 Print E-mail

A book was once presented to a lady, and after casually reading a few pages with languid interest, she put it on her shelves, intending to take it up again when she had leisure.  But the leisure never came.

In the course of time she was introduced to a stranger, and as they spoke to each other the spark of love passed from heart to heart, and by and by she became engaged to marry him.  Then she discovered that he was an author, and that she had his book in het room.  At once she was all eagerness to read it, and at the earliest opportunity she took it down from the shelf and began to turn its pages.  As she read, she wondered at her long neglect. Every paragraph glowed with meaning; every sentence came to her in the accent of his beloved voice; every word was not only his word in the book, but his word to her.  That book was the most precious book in her library; she turned to it the oftenest; she read it again and again, and every time she read it she discovered in it something she had never seen before.

That is how it is with the Bible.  The way to be interested in it is to become engaged to its Author.  Behind all the writers there is but one Author, and He is “Jesus, Lover of my soul.”  – REV. W.V. FULLERTON.


Helena Garrat

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